Autism and ADHD Assessments for Adults in Oregon

Painting of a person with a giant brain playing a synthesizer.
Painting of a person with a giant brain playing a synthesizer. Source: DALL-E

I am a mental health therapist who works with many neurodivergent autistic and/or ADHD adults. Some of my clients have been diagnosed by a psychologist or another doctor in the past. Other clients think they may be Autistic or ADHD because of their research or what someone else has told them. Some of these undiagnosed clients are comfortable with self-diagnosis. However, many want to receive a diagnosis from a professional to help them understand more about their neurodivergence. After working with numerous clients looking for autism/ADHD diagnoses, I discovered that there is a severe lack of resources. Psychologists often have long waiting lists and charge a lot of money for their services, which can leave my clients feeling discouraged.

To bridge this gap, I launched a program to provide diagnostic services for neurodivergent adult clients who are looking for a diagnosis or need additional clarity about what they may be experiencing. This program provides neurodiversity-affirming and person-centered care by offering comprehensive intake assessment, psychological testing, individualized support, and recommendations for follow-up care. I want to help people gain a greater understanding of their neurodivergence and how it affects various areas of their lives. In addition, I hope to give them a roadmap for the future so they can focus on their strengths and pursue help in areas that are difficult.

My goal is to provide resources for those who otherwise wouldn’t have access to them and to remove the stigma around seeking professional help. I believe that everyone should have access to the resources they need to understand and manage their own mental health.  This is why I am committed to providing compassionate and affirming support for those seeking an autism and ADHD diagnosis or further understanding of their experiences.

Fees and overview for Autism and ADHD assessments:

I provide many of the parts of the assessment to be completed online during your time so there is no charge for that time. I charge $150 / hour for assessment services that do require my time: For a comprehensive assessment, I estimate 4 in-person meetings, 1 for providing background info, 2 for testing, and then 1 to review the results, for a total of approximately 4-6 hours. It takes approximately 3 hours outside of sessions for organizing and analyzing data and writing the report. + $100 for the material costs. If it better accommodates your budget, I am open to spreading the meetings over a couple of months. 

This service is separate from my therapeutic practice; I sometimes have openings for new clients looking for ongoing therapy. As part of the assessment recommendations, I may be able to find a referral for a mental health therapist (if you are looking for one). If you currently have a therapist, you would be welcome to share the assessment recommendations with your therapist to work on with you.

Currently, I am only working with adults. I do not prescribe or manage medication. I am not able to accept insurance.

Because I am not a psychologist (a Ph.D. level professional), I cannot guarantee my diagnosis would be accepted when applying for disability, social security benefits, school/work accommodations, or in a legal case. I cannot assess for learning or cognitive disabilities or neurological disorder. If I suspect any of these conditions, I will suggest you meet with a professional that specializes in these areas.

Currently, I can only work with people who live in Oregon.

Schedule a consultation (over zoom) for diagnosis by clicking here. I am charging a reduced fee of $50 for a 30-minute introduction to talk about your goals for diagnosis and for us to sort out if we’d be a good fit to work together.